VirtualSignature automates the deed signing and sealing process

Virtual logo‘s technology has been specifically designed with the professional services sector in mind and has proved to be particularly beneficial to local authorities’ legal departments. By collaborating closely with clients, the company has been able to provide features and solutions that meet their specific needs; something not always available from its competitors

Its UK-based platform comprises four core applications which are modular by design and interchangeable, allowing clients to adopt a suitable solution for their particular circumstances, using a combination of any or all of its solutions:

  • SmartSign – eSignature, digital seals, virtual witnessing and large file upload
  • SmartForms – conversion of documents into HTML fillable forms
  • SmartCheck – ID document and presenter verification (KYC/AML)
  • SmartLink – third party collaboration, data verification and pre-qualification.

With its remote working technology, VirtualSignature has been helping local authorities including Bury, Chelmsford, Cambridge and Peterborough, Arun, Hammersmith and Fulham, Southwark and Greenwich facilitate electronic document signing and sealing, helping them to move towards digital, paper-free working, saving time and money and improving CSR. Councils are able to upload up to 12 corporate branded seals to the platform and benefit from a licence which allows an unlimited number of users as well as pre-configure the sequencing of sign-offs and authorisations. Sharing transactions securely with other departments or councils is now possible and the ability to identify signatories and witness the signing of documents “virtually” has transformed the way they execute documents.

VirtualSignature can integrate with your DMS/CMS

The VirtualSignature platform has been designed to integrate into an organisation’s existing document/case management system, including Visualfiles, Proclaim, iManage and Microsoft Dynamics. The end user journey is a seamless experience, so that sending documents for eSignature has become an integral part of the existing process. In addition, through its partnership with Microsoft, VirtualSignature’s applications are available through the Office 365 Word Add-in tool. You can be working in Word and rather than sign into the portal and upload documents before applying signature fields, you can instantly create eSignature ready documents by clicking the VirtualSignature icon on the tool bar and following a few simple steps. Single Sign On (SSO) is also available.

Easy to use for your clients and employees

Since the VirtualSignature technology was specifically designed to work on any mobile device, end users find that dynamic, responsive HTML formatted forms are easy to complete and return. Employees have said the platform is easy to use and straightforward and very little training is required as it is so intuitive.

Go green and save costs

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, by removing the need for paper, ink, scanners and postage and unnecessary administrative time, the cost savings in using the platform are significant. 


Most of VirtualSignature’s clients carry out extensive market reviews before choosing their eSignature provider and many have noted that it offers superior technology compared with the competition. The company’s ethos is to provide a responsive and client-led approach as part of the package, working closely to determine how current workflows can be improved, resolving pain points and determining outcome goals in what can be achieved using the platform.

Significantly, its software has been developed in-house, offering a seamless, end-to-end solution so that customers do not need to use several platforms for different aspects of their onboarding. In addition, pricing is based on number of transactions, not users, meaning clients can expect an excellent return on investment.

Find out more

The best way to determine whether the platform can help you with your digital transformation is to try it out for free, with no obligation to buy. Trial periods are routinely offered to clients, where the VirtualSignature team work alongside them and if required, incorporate enhancements to make sure it’s perfect for their needs. As the technology is modular, the journey can be started at any point – perhaps with eSignatures, followed by form automation or ID verification as and when required.

In the meantime, you can contact the team on 0333 335 5176, email or visit the website

You can also meet the team in person at stand A7 of the British Legal Technology Forum, on 12 October at Old Billingsgate, London.


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