Leisure provision that’s fit for purpose

The extension of Denbighshire Leisure’s UK Leisure Framework, with Alliance Leisure continuing as Lead Development Contractor, will help local authorities deliver schemes that meet local needs.

Over the next four years, Alliance Leisure and Denbighshire Leisure will work in partnership to deliver a committed pipeline of leisure-focused projects with an investment value of more than £250 million and many more projects yet to be agreed.

The UK Leisure Framework has been operational for 10 years, following the first generation launch in 2012. When the Framework extended its access beyond Denbighshire County Council in 2017 to offer its service to any public sector body in the UK, Alliance Leisure was appointed Lead Development Contractor.

Since then, the UK Leisure Framework, driven by Alliance Leisure, working in partnership with many public sector bodies, principally local authorities, has provided an efficient means of procuring and delivering leisure development projects across the UK.

“Physical activity has a huge role to play in creating healthy communities”

To date, Alliance Leisure has successfully delivered 58 projects, ranging from £18 million new builds and waterparks to smaller-scale play areas and skate parks.

“The UK Leisure Framework is unique for two reasons,” says Paul Cluett, Managing Director, Alliance Leisure. “First, it is the only framework in the country entirely focused on leisure. This means, all suppliers working through the Framework are appointed based on their leisure industry experience and credentials. This ensures decisions are based on the application of  best practice learned from years of experience.

“Second, the Framework adopts a full-service approach, supporting all elements that contribute to a successful, sustainable development including design, business planning, funding, construction and marketing. This is not just about the development of bricks and mortar facilities or delivering a specific segment of the development process.

“This Framework provides an end-to-end solution for the provision of active environments built in response to community needs. During these testing times, as the UK navigates its way through Brexit and ‘builds back better’ after the pandemic, the UK Leisure Framework will help local authorities meet their commitment to create sustainable, engaging, fit-for-purpose active environments that play a vital role in the health and wellbeing of the nation.”

The new iteration of the UK Leisure Framework came into effect in February 2022 and will run for the next four years. 

Jamie Groves, Managing Director at Denbighshire Leisure, adds: “The UK Leisure Framework has already proved its worth, transforming public leisure provision for communities up and down the UK.

“Moving forwards, physical activity has a huge role to play in creating healthy communities. Currently, much of the UK leisure stock is tired and in need of investment.

“Over the coming years, Denbighshire Leisure will continue to work with Alliance Leisure, breaking down investment barriers to ensure communities across the UK have access to the facilities they need to live more active, healthy and prosperous lives.”


  • 58 Developments delivered to date
  • £75m Value of completed projects
  • £250m+ Value of committed projects
  • £2bn Potential Framework investment value

For more information about the UK Leisure Framework visit www.LeisureFramework.co.uk


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