Time to bin excess packaging, say consumers

Nine in 10 believe only recyclable material should be used, and that it should have clearer labelling.

Councils and the LGA are calling on all political parties to pledge to introduce the ‘extended producer responsibility’ scheme, which would shift the costs of dealing with waste from taxpayers to producers, with incentives to help reduce and recycle.

The LGA is also calling on ministers to ensure that councils continue to have the autonomy to run waste and recycling services in a way that suits the needs of their individual communities.

The LGA and YouGov polling also found that 85 per cent of people think companies should be required to reduce the amount of packaging they use; and that the public are 12 times more likely to think costs in reducing packaging should be met by the companies producing it, rather than the councils dealing with it.

Cllr Darren Rodwell, the LGA’s Environment Spokesperson, said: “Public satisfaction with waste services remains high, it is something councils work hard to achieve and we are pleased to see the public most trust councils to lead local waste services.

“Good packaging is essential for keeping products fresh and intact, and producers are doing more to reduce waste and support recycling. 

“But everybody can see the levels of waste, across our shop shelves, delivered to our homes, and into our bins. Councils spend millions dealing with it.”

The LGA supports packaging reforms where producers take responsibility, and it is “crucial that the costs are met and that councils continue to lead local waste and recycling services”, he added.


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