Support for arts and culture

The LGA has joined forces with Arts Council England and other partners to ensure there is a joined-up approach across the sector to supporting culture through the COVID-19 crisis.

Arts and culture add more than £10.8 billion to the UK economy every year and the coronavirus outbreak poses serious risks to the country’s network of cultural organisations.

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Chair of the LGA’s Culture, Tourism and Sport Board, said: “Unprecedented times require a joined-up response. All our organisations and teams are struggling to make sense of a new world that poses severe risks to many of our crucial local cultural and creative organisations.

“By advancing payments, relaxing monitoring requirements, and offering letters of comfort, councils across the country have been working closely with key partners to support vital cultural services for their communities.

“It is important to extend any available support packages to include partners.

“By working together, councils, industry and the Government can ensure that every organisation and individual has the best chance of securing the support they need.”

Meanwhile, some cultural and sports organisations have risen to the challenge of providing services in new ways to keep people engaged and inspire creativity, despite leisure centres, libraries, museums, theatres and community hubs all being closed to the public.

Much of this new offering has been digital, including online workouts, library e-books, and live-streamed arts performances.

Not everyone has access to the internet though, and the LGA is keen to hear about any ‘offline’ activities taking place in your area – such as front doorstep cuppas, poetry readings, singalongs, dance-alongs and improvised ‘art galleries’ in the windows of people’s homes.

Please share your ideas and examples by emailing


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