Red tape ‘stopping local climate action’

The survey found that local climate action is being ‘strangled’ by a complex web of hard-to-reach Whitehall funding pots, with more than half of councils being dissuaded from bidding into a government fund because of the time and resources needed to write bids.

The survey also found that two-thirds of councils were not confident in hitting their net-zero targets, putting the Government’s net-zero strategy in doubt.

With more funding, councils could install more rooftop solar panels to cut bills, revitalise green spaces, electrify transport to clean up toxic air, and get more people walking and cycling.

The LGA is calling on all parties to back local climate action, supporting a local approach that can achieve net zero by 2050 for half the cost of a national approach and deliver three times the financial returns.

Cllr Darren Rodwell, the LGA’s Environment Spokesperson, said: “Councils are leading transformative projects across the country, but their innovation is being strangled by the national approach to the transition to net zero.

“We must rise to the challenge of climate change. 

“With an impact on more than 80 per cent of emissions from their area – from transport and housing to renewable energy – government will not reach net zero without empowering councils to deliver local climate action in every village, town and city.

“With the right support, local areas could deliver net zero quicker and for less money, while boosting the local economy and ensuring local people benefit.”


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