‘No care workers on health visa’

Social care workers will not be able to use the new health and care visa to enter the UK via the Government’s points-based immigration system, which is to be introduced next year.

Further details have been published on the new requirements, including salary and skills thresholds for skilled workers and other eligibility criteria.

The LGA has urged government to ensure that social care has parity of esteem with the NHS, that it is adequately and sustainably funded, and called for greater investment in training and development for care workers.

LGA Chairman Cllr James Jamieson said the country faces significant skills challenges, with one of the most serious being in our social care system.

He added: “During the pandemic, our social care workers have demonstrated more than ever how important and valued they are in caring for our loved ones.

“With 122,000 care worker vacancies, the Government needs to ensure that social care workers are included in the new health and care visa to help fill these vital roles.”

Cllr Jamieson also said that salary thresholds should be variable across sector and region, to reflect the needs of different employers, alongside a reformed and devolved skills and employment system to tackle existing national skills shortages.


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