New space standards for permitted development

The Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP has announced that new homes delivered through permitted development rights will now be required to meet space standards.

The rights allow existing buildings, such as offices, to be converted into homes without the need for a full planning application.

The Government said this provided 60,000 new homes over the past four years, but that it was introducing space standards because a minority of developers were delivering small homes “without justification”.

The Nationally Described Space Standard begins at 37 square metres of floor space for a new one-bed flat with a shower room, and 39 square metres with a bathroom. 

Cllr David Renard, the LGA’s Housing Spokesperson, said: “We are pleased the Secretary of State is bringing in this change, which is an improvement on the current permitted development rules.

“However, fundamental concerns over their impact remain. An independent report commissioned by the Government found permitted development conversions mostly avoid making any contribution to local areas, fail to meet adequate design standards and often create worse quality residential environments.

“It is vital that councils and local communities have a voice in the planning process and are able to oversee all local developments. This is the only way they can deliver resilient, prosperous places and ensure developers build high-quality, affordable homes in the right places and with the right infrastructure.”


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