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This story was updated on 04 May to clarify recycling guidance.

Alongside the majority of councils, the LGA has declared a climate emergency. We have pledged to reduce our own carbon emissions and to support councils and our partner organisations to do the same.

Rising paper prices and energy costs coupled with the pledge to reduce our carbon emissions have led the LGA to take the decision to replace first’s paper wrapping with a fully compostable starch polywrap. This change came into effect with our May 2022 edition.

Made from starches, cellulose and vegetable oils, the starch wrapping can be composted at home, or used as a food waste caddy liner where accepted by local authorities. At least 90 per cent of the material will compost within 12 months.

Do not place the wrapping in plastic recycling or in garden waste collection bins. While compostable, it is not compatible with large-scale rapid composting operations.

The magazine and address sheet should continue to be recycled via local paper/cardboard waste collections.

If you need further information about this change, please email



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