Fines for failing social housing landlords

Ofsted-style inspections and unlimited fines for failing social housing landlords look set to be introduced in England under the Social Housing (Regulation) Bill, currently before Parliament.

The Bill would also strengthen the Regulator of Social Housing’s powers, allowing them to enter properties with only 48-hours’ notice (down from 28 days), and to make emergency repairs where there is deemed to be a serious risk to tenants, with landlords footing the bill.

It will also require landlords to have a named person responsible for health and safety.

Cllr David Renard, the LGA’s Housing Spokesperson, said: “The vast majority of social landlords are responsible and provide decent housing to tenants and residents, but recent reports have shone a light on the need for continuous learning and improvement to be made.

“Councils want all residents to be able to live in safe and secure, high-quality housing.

“The LGA continues to support councils to improve their housing management services and engagement with tenants and residents through the delivery of a social housing management peer challenge (see p15) and promotion of best practice, as part of our sector support offer.

“As well as improving existing homes, the social housing supply is not sufficient to meet the current housing demand. This is why we want to see long-term plans to give councils powers to build 100,000 high-quality, climate-friendly social homes a year, including reform of the Right to Buy scheme, which has made it difficult for councils to build replacement homes at the rate at which they are sold.”



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