Councils face ‘urgent and important’ challenges

Joanna Killian has joined the LGA after six years as Chief Executive Officer of Surrey County Council, having previously been Chief Executive of Essex County Council and Head of Local Government at consultants KPMG.

In her message to council chief executives, Ms Killian said: “I know that many of your residents and communities are under intense pressure, and your organisations, in partnership with others, are crucial in supporting their health, wellbeing and happiness.

“There are urgent and important challenges for councils themselves, too. 

“The continued squeeze in public spending planned over the coming years will have an impact on all communities, and councils therefore need all the powers, freedoms and levers to enable them to deliver their local ambitions and priorities. 

“I know that improving the wellbeing and outcomes for children and young people is a fundamental principle for many of you, as is the drive to deliver the social infrastructure that enables families to thrive in tough times. 

“There are many other significant challenges that we want to address collectively, from net zero to housing provision, from safer neighbourhoods to adult social care reform, and from devolution to establishing a more equal relationship with government.

“It’s a genuine honour to represent you all in our shared endeavour to deliver the best public services possible.”


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