Call for action on social care workforce

The LGA and national adult social care organisations have called on the Government to deliver a long-term care workforce strategy and tackle the issue of care worker pay.

In a new position paper, the group argues that action is needed to address serious recruitment and retention issues in adult social care. Without improving the pay, conditions, and career progression opportunities of care workers, it will be difficult to make meaningful progress towards improving services and supporting people to live the lives they want to lead.

The position paper is supportive of the positive workforce developments in the Government’s recent adult social care white paper but says they do not amount to a proper long-term workforce strategy.

“Social care is at a turning point, with a period of major change taking place over the next two years and major reforms now under way,” says the paper, agreed with organisations representing social care providers, care workers, commissioners, and service users.

“The role of the workforce must be seen as fundamental to delivering integrated, personalised and preventative care.

“The insights and expertise of people who draw on social care and the frontline care workforce must be central to this work and serve as the foundation for bringing about a more robust and respected workforce.”

The LGA has previously warned that adult social care is in a fragile position, with councils struggling to balance budgets and services affected by rising costs and recruitment issues.



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