£338 million for walking and cycling

The Government has announced a £338 million investment in walking and cycling, as well as changes to the Highway Code to give greater protections to non-car users on the road. 

The funding will go towards supporting road reallocation schemes to encourage greater active travel, funding for new cycle lanes, and improvements to pedestrian footpaths. 

Changes to the Highway Code include a new hierarchy system, emphasising how those who can do the greatest harm on the road have the greatest responsibility to reduce the risk they may pose to other road users.

Cllr Darren Rodwell, LGA Transport Spokesperson, said: “Councils are at the heart of promoting and enabling more sustainable local journeys, and more government support for cycle lanes – and new Highway Code guidance to make it safer on the roads – will help us deliver safer cycling options to get more people on their bikes.

“Transport is the biggest source of carbon emissions in the UK, and thousands of people are prematurely killed every year from traffic-related pollution. 

“The UK cannot meet its climate change targets and clean its toxic air without increasing cycling levels – this requires more safe, segregated cycling infrastructure and new rules for safer roads, to encourage more people to take up cycling.  

“However, if councils are to be able to continue to drive greener forms of transport across the country, it is important that the Government’s upcoming Spending Review goes even further and provides longer-term funding certainty.”


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