Commute with a conscience

The Big Issue eBikes scheme has launched! 

Soon you will see the eye-catching red and white design on your streets, and if you rent an eBike, you will be providing job opportunities for the homeless or recently unemployed.

This scheme is about turning around the lives of those down on their luck by providing the right training, free use of the bikes so they can get to their jobs and a tremendous morale boost for all who previously felt they had been thrown onto the scrapheap. 

We insist on paying a living wage. We will do all we can to give these people the support to lead a good quality of life as social actions have an echo. 

eBikes are an opportunity for consumers to commute with a conscience – a transport version of The Big Issue. 

The scheme also aims to improve the environmental credentials of many towns and cities across the UK, encouraging people to cycle, rather than drive. 

Why cycling? It’s cheaper, often faster, healthier, quieter and is more environmentally friendly than driving or even using public transport.

It is fabulous for endorphins, boosts immune systems and even caters to mental health by providing a healthy mechanism to de-stress (which can’t be taken for granted during the chaos that continues to unfold).

The first fleet of Big Issue eBikes is set to be operational in spring 2021. The hope is to have at least 15 fleets functioning within two years across the UK. But to do this, we’re striving for collaboration, with councils, businesses and everyday citizens.

We understand that many councils are unable to fund tenders for cycle schemes. But because our schemes are funded by subscription and advertising revenues, we can drop a fleet into any city regardless of tender while still working with local councils to meet their environmental objectives. 

If your council is interested in setting up an eBike initiative, please visit


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