Vaccinations: a huge national achievement

Thanks to the Conservative Government’s excellent strategic planning, as I write this article, more than 33.2 million first doses and almost 11.2 million second doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered, which means more than half the adult population in the UK has now had at least one jab.

At present, we are one of the world’s frontrunners when it comes to the vaccination programme delivery. This is a huge national achievement – a success which would have been difficult to achieve without my party’s visionary leadership.

As COVID-19 infection rates decline, we can continue to advance with the roadmap and carefully lift lockdown restrictions. This will certainly help the economy to recover gradually and improve people’s health and wellbeing after the tough months we have been through.

“At local and national level, Conservatives have continued to focus on people’s priorities

Without doubt, this pandemic has tested and challenged all of us. Despite that, Conservatives, at local and national level, have continued to focus on people’s priorities. Time and again, they have demonstrated that they can be trusted to deliver the best for communities and have done all they could to support people and businesses.

Only the Conservatives can help build back the country better and greener post-covid, therefore, it is important that in forthcoming elections the right candidates are elected who can contribute to achieving these objectives.

With the local elections a week away, I would like to wish those of you who are defending your seats the very best of luck. To those of you who are stepping down as a councillor, a huge thank you for your service to your communities.


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