Test and trace is a joke

As I predicted, test and trace has become a joke in many parts of the country.

I have seen first-hand how local lockdowns have been handled here in Oldham and across Greater Manchester, with the confused messaging from national government yet again causing distress for families and communities.

The bickering between central government, health officials and local government is not helping at all. The adult in these conversations is local government.

A coronavirus spike in Bolton and Trafford prompted council leaders to ask for restrictions to remain in place, a day before they were due to be lifted, creating mass confusion locally. 

“The adult in these conversations is local government

We are seeing pubs and clubs given curfews. And who is going to enforce these curfews? Another job for local government? The police? Or is the COVID-19 marshal in town!

Doctors and public health experts are telling the Prime Minister that the abolition of Public Health England (PHE) will damage the fight against obesity, smoking and alcohol misuse, let along the continuing fight against coronavirus. Will he listen? Sadly, I doubt it. 

It’s hardly “world-beating”, and hardly a glowing endorsement of NHS Test and Trace, when the new head of PHE’s replacement body has had to apologise because people are being sent more than 100 miles away from their homes to get tested.  

If you are bored with the COVID-19 soap, change channels to watch the Brexit mini-series that has just returned for the autumn. You could not make it up!


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