Making it up as they go along

The ill-thought out relaxation of lockdown, the Dominic Cummings debacle, and poorly considered last-minute announcements have contributed to an increase in the ‘R’ rate in my neck of the woods and in the South West.

The most worrying thing now is that we are seeing the Government engaging in the ‘blame game’. The ‘it’s not us, guv’ attitude seems to be slipping into their announcements. How does that help? Look also at track and trace, and the role of councils in overseeing ‘local lockdowns’, for example.

“There is nothing about the additional powers we need to manage this situation

We must drop everything to put together local plans, but there is nothing from government about the additional powers we need to attempt to manage this situation.

And all this as the sector pleads with government to share important data with directors of public health so councils can do the best for our communities.

I welcome the Government’s U-turn on the wider opening of schools to more pupils. However, if ministers had just talked and listened, all this real stress on school staff, parents, governors and children could have been avoided.

As I write, I predict the Government will revise social distancing from the current two metres to something like one metre.

What has changed? They give all the appearance of making it up as they go along and playing Russian roulette with those vulnerable to the virus. What happened to following the science?

We need less uncertainty and more clear leadership – such as local government is providing. I live in hope, but I am not holding my breath. 


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