Supporting our local communities

As I write this article, the Prime Minister has just made history… but for all the wrong reasons. 

Boris Johnson is the first serving Prime Minister to have been found guilty of breaking the law – and his Chancellor is guilty, too. 

While people across the country were making unimaginable sacrifices during the pandemic, the Metropolitan Police have now confirmed that that those outlining the rules were the ones to break them. 

When the penalty notices landed on their doorsteps, both the Prime Minister and the Chancellor offered ‘unreserved’ apologies for breaking the rules. 

Why then did they reserve their regret for when they’d been issued with fines rather than when the stories broke back in December? They really have taken the public for fools. 

With the 5 May local elections fast approaching, it seems more important than ever to have Labour champions supporting our local communities. 

While the Conservatives were throwing parties, Labour in local government stepped up to support vulnerable people. 

Labour councils offer lower council tax and maintain safer and cleaner streets. Despite years of funding cuts, Labour councils continue to provide essential services for their residents. And now they are doing everything they can to protect local people from the cost-of-living crisis.  

The Conservatives broke the rules they expected everyone else to follow and then lied about it, too. 

Now more than ever, as the cost of living soars and families struggle to make ends meet, people need a government that is on their side.



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