Putting people before politics

It has continued to be an incredibly busy time for our members as elections loom. 

Our boards, executive and council leaders have met to discuss the critical issues facing our councils. 

One of the most pressing is the lack of confirmation from the Government on the future of remote meetings. 

To be able to do our work effectively, we need clarity on how we are to fulfil our obligations as elected members and statutory bodies without the ability to host remote or hybrid meetings. 

We continue to keep the pressure on ministers as we approach our annual general meetings. 

“Government announcements point to top-down reform we have neither asked for nor need”

Many of our members are now in the pre-election period and campaigning is fully under way. These elections look very different from those that have come before – but, equally, have never been more important.

Over recent months, government announcements on planning, health and our fire services, to name a few, all point to top-down reform we have neither asked for nor need. We also know that plans on devolution and reorganisation await us after the election. 

The climate and biodiversity emergency, action needed to stop violence against women, and, of course, the Government’s handling of the pandemic, are all at the forefront of our residents’ minds. 

The issues are many and diverse, but our members all offer a commitment to put people before politics. 

I wish all who are standing, or who are supporting candidates, good luck. Following the elections, our regional peers will be ready and waiting to provide support. 


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