No help with cost-of-living crisis

Congratulations to all the councillors – of all parties – who were elected for the first time in May, and now have the chance to lead positive change in your local communities. Commiserations to all who lost their seats: I’m sure you will all find other ways to act as local champions. 

And to Labour councillors in particular – well done, you can be proud to be part of some excellent gains across the nation. 

Sadly, there wasn’t as much for us to feel positive about in the Queen’s Speech. 

The Government claimed its priority is to help ease the cost of living crisis, yet there was no mention of measures that will help people deal with soaring prices. 

Rather than offering support to families, the Government is refusing to implement a windfall tax on energy companies’ unexpected profits that even energy bosses say they should be subject to. 

Instead, ministers have told working people to ‘find a better job’. 

The Conservatives’ levelling up agenda, while present, appears to have been hollowed out. The long-awaited Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill offers little substance to the promises of devolving power and money to councils and unleashing talent in ‘left behind’ communities. 

“The Conservatives’ levelling up agenda appears to have been hollowed out

But even if it had been as radical as it has been trailed, levelling up will continue to be an empty government slogan until it deals with the inadequacy of government funding for local authorities. 

Let’s hope the Government sees sense and finds a way to fund local ambitions properly.



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