Local issues remain vital

As you read this, hundreds of Independent, Green, Plaid Cymru and smaller party candidates are out and about in their communities and working hard online, organised and determined to focus on getting the very best for their local residents. 

I am so proud and humbled to see people who already work in the heart of their communities prepared to do more and stand up for their neighbours in their councils.

Experienced councillors and staff of the LGA’s Independent Group have been there to support candidates in the months before the election and will be ready to help out post-election. 

Civility is vital, and the LGA’s booklet on this is useful to avoid problems and challenge behaviour when necessary. 

At the same time as local elections across Wales, London, some unitary authorities and in other councils, residents are raising concerns over what is going on nationally. 

We’ve seen ‘Partygate’, a Prime Minister accused of lying to Parliament about breaking his own laws, concerns of tax avoidance, news of a looming recession and a rise in the cost of living. 

As 200,000 families registered to share their homes to help desperate refugees, the Government announced a bizarre move to send unknown arrivals on what has been dubbed an expensive one-way ticket to Rwanda ‘for processing’. 

“I am so proud and humbled to see people prepared to do more and stand up for their neighbours in their councils”

Many of our members have done all we can to show support for Ukraine, still under horrendous attack. Some have made donations, or criss-crossed Europe to deliver essential items such as ambulances, and even bring back refugees with visas under the sponsorship scheme. 

At the LGA, we have held important cross-party weekly meetings with ministers to secure the best possible arrangements and enable our councils to assist most effectively – a pattern we found productive in tackling Brexit and COVID-19. 

Local issues remain vital: housing, schools, roads, waste, and care, while tackling climate change in everything we do. Together, we have a terrific record of support for our communities and councils and I wish all of our members and candidates every success.



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