Local elections like no others

With the local elections 2021 fast approaching, voting matters now more than ever. 

This will be our biggest ever set of local elections and includes a number of contests postponed from last year. 

Across the country, voters will be choosing a mixture of councillors, local mayors, regional mayors and police and crime commissioners.

Through effective leadership, local authorities have supported their communities during this pandemic, while ensuring vital public services have been delivered promptly. 

Many Conservative-run councils have created new ideas and found innovative solutions to help residents face these unprecedented times. For instance, Medway Council has developed a diverse range of online sessions – such as music production, quizzes and healthy lifestyles – to support the health and wellbeing of young people, and encourage them to learn a new skill. Another example is East Lindsey District Council’s innovative solution to the suspension of local markets during the lockdown, when it supported local food businesses by promoting their home-delivery services via the council’s website.

This election will be like no other as we are still fighting against COVID-19, and some continue to be concerned over the elections’ delivery plan and the application of social-distancing measures.

Nevertheless, I would like to strongly encourage all first readers to vote, and motivate their community to do the same, as these elections will shape the future of our local economies, impact your everyday life, and determine how vital frontline services will run in your local areas.



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