Flying the flag of democracy

Welcome to all new councillors, and well done to those who were re-elected! 

All of our LGA Independent Group candidates have spoken up for residents on important local issues and influenced thinking in their areas for the better.

We saw 837 Independent councillors elected (511 Independent or Residents Association, 202 Plaid Cymru, and 124 Green Party). 

“Independent candidates spoke up for residents on important local issues”

This brings the total number of councillors supported by the LGA Independent Group to more than the 3,000 mark – 3,064. 

Independent, Green and councillors from smaller parties have gained councils, such as Castle Point in Essex; grown their numbers, such as in Tandridge in Surrey; and formed coalitions and alliances in places such as Conwy in Wales, Huntingdonshire in Cambridgeshire, and in West Oxfordshire. 

At the LGA, the Independent Group has gained extra seats on the People and Places Board and the City Regions Board. 

This year’s successes are particularly significant. We had fewer candidates standing in this election cycle than we will have in the district elections next year, and there should be little doubt that this year’s successes are a sign of things to come. 

Thank you for flying the flag of democracy. Every communication, leaflet and doorstep conversation is laying the ground for the next election.

A reminder that support is available via the Independent Group Office or through contacting your regional peer. To join the conversation in the Independent Group, you can sign up to a policy think tank or one of our councillor networks via our website.



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