Delivering the very best for our communities

In March, LGA Conservative Group colleagues were invited to Downing Street to attend a meeting of the political Cabinet with the Prime Minister. 

The Prime Minister spoke highly of our efforts across local government to deliver the very best offer for our communities. 

He reminded the political Cabinet that, despite the challenges facing the local government sector, it is Conservative-led councils that continue to deliver more for less in our communities.  

Just take Conservative-controlled Fenland District Council as an example. 

“Conservative-led councils continue to deliver more for less

Over the past few years, it has continued to cut its share of council tax for Cambridgeshire residents, while still delivering good quality services. 

The Prime Minister, himself a former Minister for Local Government, is acutely aware of the challenges we face, but also recognises the incredible work that Conservative councillors do in their communities up and down the nation. 

It is worth noting the Prime Minister’s personal intervention earlier this year to secure local government an additional £600 million following the publication of the 2024/25 local government finance settlement and lobbying from the Conservative local government family. 

On a separate note, LGA Conservatives will shortly be discussing with parliamentarians the impact of Labour’s plans to introduce 20 per cent VAT on private school fees, should they get near the doors of government.  

As many of you will know, many councils use independent schools to support children in care, and we remain concerned about the added financial pressures such a proposal may bring to councils. 


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