Beefing up member peer support

The peer support package offered by the LGA continues to be the cornerstone of the sector support programme for our membership.

From Corporate Peer Challenges to one-to-one mentoring, the LGA Conservative Group is committed to ensuring that our councillors throughout the country can access peer support that provides them with the confidence and skills required to deliver high-quality public services. 

As part of the ‘Rebuilding the road to victory’ strategy published by the LGA Conservative Group in October, changes are now being made to our internal peer recruitment process. 

From now on, all prospective Conservative member peers are to be interviewed by the LGA Conservative Group Executive to assess their skills and leadership credentials. 

“We need to ensure that our existing peers feel supported by the LGA”

This is part of our new process to ensure that the LGA Conservative Group is sending our best councillors into member authorities. 

But we also need to ensure that our existing peers feel supported by the LGA. 

For this reason, Cllr Abi Brown, Chair of the LGA’s Improvement and Innovation Board, has committed to exploring options to bring forward a formalised peer accreditation process for member peers as part of our efforts to ensure that they are best qualified to undertake peer work – and also so that our member authorities understand that they have been through a rigorous process to become member peers.

If anyone is interested in becoming a member peer, they are welcome to contact me, Cllr William Nunn, our National Lead Peer, or the group office (email [email protected]).


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