Action needed now on cost of living

Recently, the Prime Minister addressed the cost-of-living and housing crises, outlining his plan to help the nation with household finances and home ownership.

His speech came a matter of days after a damaging no confidence vote, with analysts suggesting the measures on housing may be an attempt to rebuild his popularity.

His proposals were ill-thought out and lacking in detail, which, sadly, has become the norm from this government. The PM has offered a short-term solution to tackle a long-term problem.

Prices are rising across the country, with inflation hitting 9 per cent in April. Many families are struggling to make ends meet.

Millions have been plunged into poverty, with reports of food banks running low on donations, people skipping meals and households taking desperate measures to avoid using their heating.

With energy bills set to rise again in October, the cost-of-living crisis looks set to continue for some time. We are facing an emergency.

“The PM has offered a short-term solution to tackle a long-term problem”

Those of us in local government are urging more action from the Government. It could start by immediately reducing the standard rate of VAT from 20 per cent to 17.5 per cent for one year, saving the average household a further £600.

It could reintroduce the pensions triple lock to support pensioners, and restore the universal credit supplement of £20, which was cancelled by the Government in September 2021. Councils should be reviewing all their support to residents to ensure they are getting the help they need at this difficult time.



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