Councillors supporting our communities

As we respond to the pandemic facing our country, councillors are doing a great deal to support our communities.

The LGA is busy working on your behalf to collate priorities, provide guidance and raise issues with senior ministers. We are also keeping the LGA website up to date with relevant coronavirus information (see I hope you find this, and our other updates, a useful resource.

“Members are making sure our local resilience forums have the contacts they need”

Robert Jenrick MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, is in listening mode and, so far, has agreed to almost all our requests for money and for changes in the legislation to help us do the best job possible at this time of crisis.

We’re expecting the emergency Coronavirus Act to help us to work more flexibly as we balance the need to stay safe and deliver local leadership.

In my area, a number of our meetings are now online, staff are down to an organised minimum in the offices, with phones on divert. Bin teams are on staggered times as well.

Locally, members are very busy on the frontline, setting up self-help groups of residents and making sure our local resilience forums have the contacts they need.

It is brilliant how our communities are pulling together.

Thank you for taking a lead in supporting your local communities as much as you can in this time of crisis. Take care, and do let us know if we can help (email


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