A bigger and more expensive care system

A series of successful hybrid meetings have started the new political year at the LGA, with leading members exploring key issues facing councils.  

Your contributions to our think tanks have been vital. Colleagues and I have drawn on that work to inform the LGA’s priorities, brief our vice-presidents on the Environment Bill and contribute to a Commons’ select committee inquiry on the path to net zero.

The recent government announcement on social care was not well received. This proposal creates a bigger and more expensive care system, when we already cannot afford the current one.  

“The largest part of the funding goes to the NHS, and leaves us short again

The LGA has long called for funding, consulted widely on our own green paper and presented comprehensive suggestions. The only measures that add up to the significant sums needed are a rise in income tax or National Insurance. 

The Government had pledged not to raise taxes. Now it has – not to resolve our problem, but to add to it. The cap to allow wealthier people to receive free or part-funded care is a significant additional burden many see as unaffordable.  

The largest part of the funding goes to the NHS right away, and leaves us short, yet again.  

We again call for the opportunity to co-produce a better solution. We need a genuine increase in funds for the care we give, not for it to be siphoned out via another door.

The LGA Independent Group’s annual conference is on 29 October, just before the start of the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26. Please join us online or in person for some important debates (see www.local.gov.uk/events).



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