Social care ‘must be post-election priority’

Urgent action needs to be taken on funding reform and changes to the adult social care system to combat rising costs and demand pressures, and ensure older and disabled people and unpaid carers have timely access to the support they need.

In a joint open letter led by the LGA, 15 signatories including Age UK and NHS Confederation warn that over the past two decades political parties of all colours have failed to deliver changes to how care is funded and what individuals are expected to pay.

This General Election is a chance for the incoming government to finally “grasp the nettle” and find a lasting solution.

Whoever is in government after 12 December must commit to clear reforms as soon as possible. In return, the letter’s co-signatories pledge to use their combined influence to support a much-needed national debate to help raise awareness of the issues, including a positive rationale for change and the costs and benefits.

Cllr Ian Hudspeth, Chairman of the LGA’s Community Wellbeing Board, said: “As the number and range of signatories on this letter demonstrates, whoever is in power after the election needs to put social care at the top of the domestic policy agenda.”

“People should be able to live the lives they want to lead in their local homes and communities. Councils are committed to ensuring adults of all ages who need it have access to high-quality care and support, but rising costs and demand pressures mean incredibly difficult decisions are having to be made about this vital service.

“This is one of the major issues facing society, and councils have played their part in keeping the debate on the public agenda. What we and our partners are calling for is action and certainty to secure care and support for the long term, for all those who use, and work in, social care.”


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