Smith Square history

The building was opened on 15 May 1928 by Ramsay MacDonald MP, Labour’s first Prime Minister, and was originally the home of the Transport and General Workers’ Union.

Baroness Prosser became active in the Labour party and the trade union movement in the early 1970s, rising through the ranks of the T&G to become Deputy General Secretary in 1998, and worked at Transport House.

She was given the book by a friend of a neighbour who worked for the property company employed by the T&G to oversee the building. It describes the history of the T&G, and includes plans and photographs of the original building.

Baroness Prosser presented the book to LGA Senior Vice-Chair Cllr Nick Forbes and LGA Chairman Lord Porter (all pictured). She was taken on a tour of the building, which was refurbished in 2017. She said she “wouldn’t have recognised” it from her days, when it was “all corridors and individual offices and secretaries guarding each one”.

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