New investment in bus and road networks

A new bus strategy will see the Government invest £220 million in services across England, which will fund new ‘super bus’ networks and expand the number of low-emission vehicles.

Sajid Javid also revealed the first projects to be included in the Government’s road investment strategy.

Cllr David Renard, the LGA’s Transport Spokesman, said: “With the number of bus journeys at the lowest level in more than a decade, a national bus strategy is an important step towards improving local bus services.

“While the £220 million earmarked to improve bus services will help, for it to succeed, it has to be backed by ongoing financial support to local areas.

“Councils face a £652 million funding gap in providing the concessionary bus fare scheme, which is putting nearly half of all bus routes at risk. It is vital this scheme is properly funded so councils can protect bus routes and reinvest in local networks.”

In respect of roads, he added: “The Government spends 43 times per mile more on maintaining our national roads – which make up just 3 per cent of all roads – than on local roads, which are controlled by councils and make up 97 per cent of England’s road network

“With councils facing a £9 billion local roads repair backlog, we also need to see government investment in national roads matched by at least the same investment in local roads, if we are to make the long-term improvements our country’s road networks desperately need.”


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