LGA declares climate emergency

A motion in favour of the goals was amended to include the declaration, and both were passed near unanimously by delegates at the LGA’s annual conference in Bournemouth.

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees proposed the motion, which calls for government to support domestic implementation of the goals through funded partnership roles in each local authority area.

“The goals cover a range of interdependent issues we are all grappling with, from poverty and hunger to climate change, decent work and inclusive economic growth, and the importance of global partnerships,” said Mayor Rees.

“We increasingly see that national governments working alone are unable to cope with the world’s major challenges. Local leadership, local government, place-based with the immediate connection to the complexity of real people’s lives and its focus on delivery, are essential partners. And we need to be welcomed as equal partners in the delivery of the SDGs.”

Proposing the amendment declaring a climate emergency, Cllr Peter Box CBE, Leader of Wakefield Council, said: “The UN says we’ve got just 11 years left to limit climate change catastrophe.

“In other words, my generation, our generation, has one last chance to make amends for our collective failure to take more action than in the past.

“Climate change deniers are not only wrong, but they betray young people all over the world…Let’s show young people that their local elected representatives have their backs. Let’s show that we are listening and will do something.”

The LGA is now developing a workstream on both issues, in consultation with elected members.



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