Help for disabled candidates

Lord Porter, LGA Chairman, said: “Local government thrives on and values councillors, including those with disabilities, willing to put themselves forward for election so that political parties get a choice of quality candidates – those who are capable, vibrant, energetic and engaged, with a commitment to local people.

“We encourage people with disabilities and a passion for change to strongly consider becoming a councillor to ensure local communities are represented by a diverse pool of people, otherwise they risk missing out on the best.”

People with disabilities are likely to face greater costs when seeking elected office because of their disability. They can bid for a range of support from the fund – including transport for mobility  impaired candidates, specialist equipment such as screen reader software, British Sign Language interpretation for hearing impaired candidates, and the transcription of campaign material into braille for visually impaired candidates

The EnAble Fund for Elected Office will run until 2020, delivered by Disability Rights UK and supported by the LGA. For more information and to apply, please telephone 0330 995 0400 and select option 1 or email

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