Cash for cladding on private buildings

Communities Secretary James Brokenshire praised private building owners that have been swift to act on Grenfell-style cladding, but accused others of being “reckless” for delaying and trying to pass the costs on to residents.

The latest figures show that works have yet to start on 156 private buildings, compared with 23 in the social housing sector.

Lord Porter, LGA Chairman, said: “This announcement will come as an enormous relief to leaseholders who are in no way to blame for the dangerous cladding on their homes. They have suffered for far too long.

“Since the LGA first raised their plight, we have been working with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to ensure the Treasury provided the necessary funding, and it is great that we have been listened to.

“Reputable developers have done the right thing and paid for buildings to be fixed, but it would be wrong if the taxpayer had to pay the bills of those developers and contractors who are responsible for this crisis.

“It is therefore right that, while the Government has committed to cover the cost temporarily, it has also said it will do everything in its power to ensure those responsible for the installation of unsafe cladding and insulation on their buildings, or indeed their insurers, eventually pay the full cost for its removal and replacement.”

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