Cash and devo boost for towns

Boris Johnson pledged “to give greater powers to councils’ leaders and to communities” and “to level up the powers offered to mayors so that more people benefit from the kind of local government structures seen in London and Manchester”.

He added that more communities would have “a greater say over changes to transport, housing, public services and infrastructure that will benefit their areas and drive local growth”.

Cllr James Jamieson, LGA Chairman, said: “We support the measures to boost cities, towns and regions – this is good news for local communities and businesses seeking to improve their prospects.

“It recognises that democratically elected local councils have a key role to play in delivering better transport links, digital connectivity, housing, and all the important infrastructure like parks and libraries that creates strong communities and economies.

“The Prime Minister has rightly acknowledged the need to bring decision-making closer to local people.

It is vital that communities in all parts of the country have access to the benefits of devolution. When councils have the freedom and funding to make local decisions, there is clear and significant evidence that outcomes improve and the country gets better value for money.

“We look forward to working with the Prime Minister on how devolution to those areas outside our major cities can deliver great communities and improve the lives of residents. Councils are at the heart of their communities and are best positioned to deliver.”


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