An end to ‘no fault’ evictions?

The proposals would effectively create open-ended tenancies, with landlords having to provide a ‘concrete, evidenced’ reason for bringing tenancies to an end. Currently, landlords can uproot tenants from their homes with as little as two months’ notice once their fixed-term deals have come to an end.

The LGA said: “Around a third of all families that councils accepted as homeless last year were made homeless by
the ending of an assured shorthold tenancy.

“We therefore look forward to exploring the detail of the proposals that aim to ensure that landlords cannot evict tenants without sufficient warning or justification.

“However, the proposal does not address the unaffordability of housing which is a key reason many families lose their tenancy and become homeless.

“To address this, the Government needs to adapt welfare reforms, and reform Right to Buy, so that councils can build more genuinely affordable council homes.

“Housing security is critical for the health and wellbeing of families, and everyone deserves a safe, secure and affordable place to call home.

“The vast majority of landlords are responsible and provide decent housing  for their tenants, but their reputation  can be tarnished by a minority who can  exploit loopholes with little regard for the welfare of tenants.”

The Government is also proposing new protections for landlords, including ensuring they can regain their property should they wish to sell it or move into it, as well as expedited court processes when tenants  have fallen into rent arrears or have damaged the property.

The consultation was announced ahead of the implementation of the Tenant Fees Act 2019, which will ban unfair letting fees and cap tenancy deposits.



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