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The LGA is a politically led, cross-party organisation that works with and for our member councils to ensure local government has a strong, credible voice with national government.

We aim to influence and set the political agenda on the issues that matter to local authorities so they are able to deliver local solutions to national problems.

One of our strengths is that we are a membership organisation, and member-led, with councillors directing our day-to-day activities and business, setting our long-term priorities and goals, and agreeing campaigns and strategies.

This is reflected in our governance structures, with each of our four political groups (Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, and Independent) electing and providing the councillors who sit on the LGA Executive, our Board of Directors and our programme boards.

The Board of Directors (also known as the Leadership Board) directs the LGA’s activities, business and strategic priorities. Its members – the LGA’s chair, vice-chairs and deputy chairs – sit on and advise the LGA Executive, and hold the LGA’s programme boards to account.

The LGA Executive plays a coordinating role, providing strategic direction to the association’s work through the business planning process. Its members include the LGA’s board chairs, representatives of Wales and the English regions, and non-voting members representing important partners.

Each year, the LGA Executive is reconstituted to reflect the outcome of the English and Welsh local elections. The LGA’s current political balance is: Conservative – 38.8 per cent; Labour – 38.0 per cent; Liberal Democrat – 12.5 per cent; and Independent – 10.7 per cent.

board of directors (leadership board)

Cllr James Jamieson (Con, Central Bedfordshire) was elected Chairman of the LGA in July and was previously Leader of the LGA’s Conservative Group from July 2018. He was first elected to Central Bedfordshire Council in 2009 and became its Leader in 2011.


Cllr Nick Forbes CBE (Lab, Newcastle) is the LGA’s Senior Vice-Chair and became Leader of the LGA’s Labour Group in 2015. He has been a Labour councillor since 2000 and was elected Leader of Newcastle City Council in 2011.


Cllr Izzi Seccombe OBE (Con, Warwickshire) is an LGA Vice-Chairman and was elected Leader of the LGA’s Conservative Group in July. She was elected to Warwickshire County Council in 2001 and became its first female Leader in 2013.


Cllr Howard Sykes MBE (Lib Dem, Oldham) is an LGA Vice-Chair and was elected Leader of the LGA’s Liberal Democrat Group in 2017. First elected in 1987, he is a former Leader of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council and is currently Leader of the Opposition.


Cllr Marianne Overton MBE (Ind, Lincolnshire) is an LGA Vice-Chair and has been Leader of the LGA’s Independent Group since 2011. She is Leader of the Lincolnshire Independents and sits on Lincolnshire County Council and North Kesteven District Council.


Cllr Robert Alden (Con, Birmingham) is a Deputy Chairman of the LGA. First elected in 2006, he is Leader of the Conservative Group on Birmingham City Council.


Cllr John Fuller OBE (Con, South Norfolk) is an LGA Deputy Chairman, Leader of South Norfolk District Council, and Chairman of the District Councils’ Network.


Cllr David Simmonds CBE (Con, Hillingdon) is a Deputy Chairman of the LGA and has been Deputy Leader of Hillingdon Council since 2002.


Cllr Peter Box CBE (Lab, Wakefield) is an LGA Deputy Chair, Chair of the Key Cities Group, and has been Leader of Wakefield Metropolitan Borough Council since 1998.


Cllr Anntoinette Bramble (Lab, Hackney) is a Deputy Chair of the LGA, and Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Education, Young People and Children’s Social Care at Hackney


Cllr Michael Payne (Lab, Gedling) is an LGA Deputy Chair, Deputy Leader of Gedling Borough Council and a member of Nottinghamshire County Council.


Cllr Anne Western CBE (Lab, Derbyshire), is an LGA Deputy Chair and former Leader of Derbyshire County Council. She was first elected in 1997.


Cllr Ruth Dombey OBE (Lib Dem, Sutton) is a Deputy Chair of the LGA. First elected in 2002, she has been the Leader of Sutton Council since 2012.


Cllr Clive Woodbridge (Residents Association, Epsom & Ewell) is an LGA Deputy Chair and was Leader of Epsom & Ewell Borough Council for five years.


board chairs and other executive members

Cllr Kevin Bentley (Con, Essex)is Chairman of the LGA’s People and Places Board. He is also Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Infrastructure at Essex County Council.


Cllr Peter Fleming OBE (Con, Sevenoaks) is Chairman of the LGA’s Improvement and Innovation Board and has been Leader of Sevenoaks District Council since 2005.


Cllr Ian Hudspeth (Con, Oxfordshire) is Chairman of the LGA’s Community Wellbeing Board and Leader of Oxfordshire County Council. First elected in 2005, he became Leader in 2012.


Cllr David Renard (Con, Swindon) is Chairman of the LGA’s Environment, Economy, Housing and Transport Board. He has been Leader of Swindon Council since 2013.


Cllr Simon Blackburn (Lab, Blackpool) is Chair of the LGA’s Safer and Stronger Communities Board and has been Executive Leader of Blackpool Council since 2011.


Cllr Judith Blake CBE (Lab, Leeds) is Chair of the LGA’s Children and Young People Board. A councillor since 1996, she became Leeds City Council’s first female Leader in 2015.


Cllr Sir Richard Leese CBE (Lab, Manchester) is Chair of the LGA’s City Regions Board, Leader of Manchester City Council, and Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Deputy Mayor for business and the economy.


Cllr Richard Watts (Lab, Islington) is Chair of the LGA’s Resources Board and has been the Leader of Islington Council since 2013. He joined the council in 2006.


Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson CBE (Lib Dem, Portsmouth) is Chair of the LGA’s Culture, Tourism and Sport Board, and a former Leader of Portsmouth City Council.


Two Balancing Members are also due to be appointed to the LGA’s Executive from the LGA’s Liberal Democrat Group

Cllr Rosemarie Harris (Ind, Powys) is a Balancing Member on the LGA’s Executive. She was elected as the first female Leader of Powys County Council in 2017.


Cllr  Paul Woodhead (Green, Cannock Chase) is an LGA Executive Balancing Member. He is Leader of the Green Party Group on Cannock Chase District Council.


regional and Wales

Cllr David Finch (Con, Essex) represents the East of England LGA. He is also a member of the LGA’s Resources Board and has been Leader of Essex County Council since 2013.


Cllr John Hart (Con, Devon) has been Leader of Devon County Council since 2009 and is Chairman of South West Councils.


Cllr Roy Perry (Con, Hampshire) is Chairman of South East England Councils. First elected in 2005, he was Leader of Hampshire County Council from 2013 to May this year.


Cllr Nicholas Rushton (Con, Leicestershire) represents East Midlands Councils on the LGA Executive. He has been Leader of Leicestershire County Council since 2012.


Cllr Simon Henig CBE (Lab, Durham) represents the North East on the LGA Executive. First elected in 1999, he has been Leader of Durham Council since 2008.


Cllr Peter John OBE (Lab, Southwark) is Chair of London Councils and Leader of Southwark Council. He is also a member of the LGA’s City Regions Board.


Cllr Debbie Wilcox (Lab, Newport) is the Leader of the Welsh LGA, Leader of Newport City Council, and also sits on the LGA’s City Regions Board.


Cllr Ralph Bagge (Con, South Bucks) is a Regional Representative Substitute on the LGA Executive. He is Chairman of South Bucks District Council’s planning committee.


The North West, West Midlands, and Yorkshire and Humber will be appointing regional representatives to sit on the LGA Executive at their next meetings.


non-voting members


Cllr David Williams (Con, Hertfordshire) represents the County Councils Network. First elected in 2013, he is Leader of Hertfordshire County Council.


Cllr Sir Stephen Houghton CBE (Lab, Barnsley) is Leader of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and Chair of the LGA’s Special Interest Group of Municipal Authorities (SIGOMA).


Alderman Sir David Wootton (Ind, City of London) is Chairman of Local Partnerships and a member of the City of London Corporation.

You can find out more about your LGA Executive colleagues and other councillors who sit on the LGA’s boards by visiting


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