Vital local services need more support

We have started work with the new Government to get the funding we need. Vital local services provided by councils continue to face a funding gap of more than £5 billion next year, rising to £8 billion by 2025. Councils are amazingly effective at improving lives, and remarkably cost-effective.

“Councils are amazingly effective at improving lives, and remarkably cost-effective

What happens locally in our streets and villages affects us most and changes the way people see their lives. Local councils and Independent councillors are at the heart of our communities, holding them together and seizing opportunities. Our ‘Councils Can’ campaign will be highlighting that, so please add your voice using #CouncilsCan or visit

Disappointingly, the Government has pushed the Spending Review back to 2020, with only a one-year announcement due, meaning continued uncertainty on future funding. Preparations for a no-deal Brexit are vital.

We have made our case to the minister that councils need support to help economic growth and to provide essential services to make our places clean, green and safe, with access to education, employment and care when we need it. Is that too much to ask?


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