Support for new ‘local’ MPs

The General Election saw the election of 107 new Conservative MPs, 33 of whom were also local councillors, including some prominent figures in local government such as Cllr David Simmonds, our former LGA Deputy Chairman.

The demolition of the ‘red wall’ means that the newly elected MPs come from all parts of the country, ranging from Great Grimsby to Truro and Falmouth, from Sedgefield to North Devon, and many places in between.

The election of a majority Conservative Government, and of so many new MPs who have served as councillors, provides the LGA’s Conservative Group with a unique opportunity to build relationships with a key section of the parliamentary party, and I was therefore delighted to host a reception for Conservative MPs and Peers in the House of Commons last month.

“The election of so many new MPs who were councillors provides a unique opportunity to build relationships

The meeting was co-hosted by Andrew Lewer MP, the former Leader of Derbyshire County Council and one of our LGA Vice-Presidents. Andrew took the opportunity to highlight the close partnership working between the LGA’s Conservative Group and our parliamentarians, something that I reiterated in my own conversations with the MPs and Peers who attended.

The combination of a majority Conservative Government and the fact that we are still the largest party in local government provides a great opportunity for us to work together to secure the best possible outcomes for our communities, and we will do all that we can to support our parliamentarians, old and new, throughout 2020 and beyond. 


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