Strong support for local candidates

More than 1,200 Independent and smaller party candidates stood in the General Election, undaunted by the cost and incredibly hard work that goes into running a campaign.

“Our members spoke up loud and clear for their communities

Our members spoke up loud and clear for their communities and the message on the doorsteps was one of strong support for local candidates. But in the final days, it seems we were overwhelmed by a drive to settle Brexit and avoid Mr Corbyn. 

Against this tide, the number of votes cast and the gains made in areas like East Devon, Ashfield and Bristol demonstrate just what can be done.

Throughout England and Wales, our members won respect and recognition for sound common sense and commitment to our communities, laying the ground for future elections; no empty promises, just solid local support.

We at the LGA have already written to ministers and are making clear the vital work councils do, and the investment needed to continue. In this changing world, we’re also working to achieve greater civility in public life, where we all both earn and demand respect.

There is a reason councillors are the most trusted politicians – we focus on the issues that matter most to our residents and get things done even in the toughest of circumstances.

I hope you had a well-deserved break over the festive period and wish you a happy and successful 2020.



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