Stand up and be counted

Thanks to our members for your support and contributions to the success of the LGA’s Independent Group over the past two years. We’ve achieved a great deal for our councils and communities by successfully lobbying government, especially on social care, housing, roads, infrastructure and high streets.

New funding is now available. We worked with local government across Europe on environmental issues. Our members have gained inspiration and effectiveness through a host of development opportunities. We are successful at the ballot box and continue growing our numbers through our ‘Be a Councillor’ events.

As we set our budgets locally, our members are listening and putting forward well-researched alternatives. Eight in 10 councils believe current funding is “unsustainable”, so our recent success is welcome, but more is needed. The Spring Statement is imminent, and we have started our campaign for better long-term funding in the next Spending Review. We make clear what councils can do and the value they bring.

So now is the time! With the big Westminster parties in disarray, it is time for our members to be recognised as shining examples of what we want from our local councillors.

I wish everyone in our group every success in your support of our communities.


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