Party politics playing with local lives

You couldn’t make it up.

The lack of attention to local issues means our long-term future remains uncertain”

Another General Election crashing through our local elections, as it did two years ago, risks swamping the important local issues that are our bread and butter. The lack of attention to local issues means our long-term future remains uncertain.

We have a provisional finance settlement that gave one-off sticking plasters where we wanted, but did not address the remaining
£3.1 billion gap next year; an NHS Long Term Plan without a sustainable plan for social care, which is inextricably linked; and a Clean Air Strategy which is welcome, but lacks ambition and makes no attempt to tackle traffic emissions.

Local government runs or influences everything that affects the lives of our residents. It is too important to be derailed by playing politics.

We have worked well cross-party at the LGA – our Independent Group members are an effective force on the things that matter to our communities.

How toxic will those big party labels become as we approach May? All over the country, people are looking for a good alternative. Locally we are here and in good numbers.



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