Learn from Labour’s local successes

After our worst General Election result since 1935, it is natural that Labour should want to listen, learn, and reflect on what happened.

“Labour in local government consistently offers radical, credible, and popular policies

But we don’t have the luxury of time – there are just five months before the next set of crucial local elections, so it’s absolutely vital that we have a new and credible leader in place before then.

Many voters felt completely disconnected from Labour in Westminster, despite retaining a strong connection to their local Labour representatives.

Indeed, what is striking about the results is that many of our biggest General Election losses came where voters still overwhelmingly vote Labour in local elections – think of Sandwell, Durham, and Wakefield.

Similarly, voters in places such as Stevenage, Crawley and Telford consistently place their trust in Labour councillors to lead their council but haven’t felt able to vote for Labour in Westminster elections.

Labour in local government consistently offers example after example of radical, credible, and popular policies, and of winning and holding power, but the national party did almost nothing in this campaign to highlight our work and celebrate Labour’s local success.

Labour MPs who seek to lead our party and rebuild our vote in these places might want to ask Labour councillors how we do it, rather than treating us as an inconvenience.



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