Bus services are in crisis

This was brought home locally to me as one of my own communities’ key bus companies could be up for sale after it failed to post a profit.

In England, particularly outside London, numbers and frequency are down, and reliability is poor to say the least. This should not come as a shock.

“Nearly half of all bus routes in England receive some sort of subsidy from local government

There is less public money being spent on both urban and rural services, and the private market is never going to offer a solution. Post-16 school transport, companion-free travel, or assistance for young person’s travel are also being axed.

Nearly half of all bus routes in England currently receive some sort of subsidy from local government. The LGA warns that underfunding of subsidised bus routes has hit crisis levels. These routes get people to work, to hospital, school, and family and friends.

The Government’s “head in the sand” attitude to local government funding is not helped by the underfunding of the national concessionary fares scheme.

Free bus passes for our older population are a great idea but assumes there will be buses to ride on. This is not the case for an increasing number of our citizens.

Buses work in London – they are regulated and cash is spent on them. ‘Simples’ – the country needs the same.


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